3 . Cathodic Protection System

VEDANTA’s deep experience in providing Cathodic Protection solutions has helped to execute many utility projects in India. We provide cathodic protection solutions in Oil & Gas, Power & Desalination, mining & petrochemical industries.
Cathodic Protection Systems
VEDANTA provides Cathodic Protection Systems consultancy services, surveys, design, material procurement, Installation and commissioning. These services are important to ensure safe and efficient operation of Plants, Pipeline and Systems.
The Professionals of VEDANTA are experienced and well equipped to undertake special engineering projects of Cathodic Protection including installation, supervision, testing and commissioning.

VEDANTA in association with BAC Corrosion Control / UKprovides the following services for all Corrosion Control Systems:

  • Soil Resistivity Survey
  • Designing Cathodic Protection Systems for new / existing projects.
  • Technical Specifications, drawings.
  • Supply of materials
  • Installation and installation supervision of Cathodic Protection Systems.
  • Commissioning.
  • Maintenance contracts covering regular monitoring, servicing, up gradation and / or replacement of Cathodic Protection Systems, etc.
  • Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey
  • Close Interval Potential (CIPS) surveys
  • Current Drainage Survey
  • AC Interference Testing
  • Asset Integrity Management Services 

VEDANTA is also able to offer installation/supervision of installation depending on the nature of work to be executed and the resources available. Commissioning support and Consultancy services are also available

VEDANTA offers Cathodic Protection solution to companies and utility firms plagued by problems of corrosion of steel pipelines, tanks and metallic structures. This service is extended to customers in desalination, oil & gas, and power industries.   VEDANTA offers both Sacrificial & Impressed Current Systems (ICCP) Cathodic protection solutions to most commonly used to protect steel, water/fuel pipelines, storage tanks, steel pier piles, ships, offshore oil platforms and onshore oil well casings.

BAC Corrosion Control Ltd /UK, has successfully executed several Cathodic protection projects mostly along the UK. Many of these executions were for the highly corrosive sea water intakes areas of desalination plants and water transmission systems, pump stations piping and storage tanks.


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